TSC Rules and Expectations

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TSC Rules and Expectations

Post by SparxStudio on Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:09 pm

While in The StarValian Constellation all must abide to the Laws of Armor.
The Laws of Armor, was created, forged by the first Elders of TSC, to keep order among the stars. Even though we have recreated our culture, our laws still stand.
1. While on duty, or repersenting the StarValian Constellation, you are to be respectful to your fellow brethren and sisters. While in battle, we still hold ourselves to the honor of steel.

2. When you are approached by the Prince, or his fellow commanders. You will call them by their respective ranks. Do not try to gain favor of these commanders, it will end badly for you.

3. If you are caught disrespecting another brethren or sister, you will be demoted on the spot, if not exiled. We work as one, and will not drag one another down.

4. During raids, you are to follow orders given to you by your commanders, and the rules of the battle field.
Rankings and Promotions::

In order for you to gain your promotions as a Low ranking officer, you are to: 1. Wear your uniform at all events, they are required. 2. Participate in trainings. 3. Recruit new soilders until we hit the max amount of members.

In order for Mid Ranking Officers to obtain promotions they must: 1. Do the following as a Low Ranking Officer. 2. Co-host with the Commander. 3. Join a Commanding Squad.

If you are wanting to recieve an HR rank and to become a Commander within the Constellation, you are to recieve a recommendation from the Collective. They are a rank of 3 members who handle the affairs of the Union.


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