History of TSC

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History of TSC

Post by SparxStudio on Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:41 pm

From the creation, to our prime, and to our fall.
We, as many, have a history. One many do not know, but those who have been with us since the begining. It started out with three Leaders, Lion-Heart Vestus, IronBlood Vestus, and Sirbat. Lion-Heart and IronBlood, were brothers. Adoped to be exact, IronBlood's father, Nuzar, adopted Lion-Heart into the royal family. They had a strong bond, one stronger then Kentarian Steel. These brothers were of a race known to few as Kentarians. Their skin was of royal blue, from the freezing terrain of their homeland. Sirbat, was a ruler of many legions before hand. He had the experience, and the power. Sirbat was of a rare race as well, they were called Valian. Valian's were a strong breed, slower then the Kentarians on dexterity, but matched in strength. They spent many days discussing these terms. Trying to craft, a union stronger then the Azoth Union Defense, stronger then The Enternal Flame Empire, one of combined strength. A decision was made. With a new order on its way. They created the StarValian Cosntellation, named after the blood planet of StarValia. Thus, the birth was born, one with a history that runs deeper then expected.
The Begining of a Long History.
A few days after its creation. the Constellation was off to a great start, starting with 20 enlisted fighters, training in the art of steel. The group grew strong, fighting along side the New Kentarian Order, they rose to great power. Though still within the shadows of other groups, we built and built. We never went huge, never dented history. We fought along side many allies, assisting them in their wars. We were like mercenaries, called to arms and ready to fight. We never wanted the fame, we just wanting to help. We became a family then. Sirbat2 went inactive, and gave TSC to Lion-Heart He began to continue the original dream of TSC. During a recon mission, Lion-Heart Perished at the blade of Regonak, an enemy of the Kentarian's who have hunted his people. Hearing of Lion-Heart's death. Korruis disbanded his people, scattering them along the lands and stars. LegendaryArmor, a lonely fighter among TSC's rank, took the group. He worked his way up and become the next Emperor of TSC, One of the greatest Leaders TSC has ever had, he changed the ways of the culture. Creating the Laws of Armor, he led the people, into the Armored Age.
The Age of Armor.
LegendaryArmor, Legend a king among the Valian people. He was loved by his followers, he never once gave into his temptation. He made allies in every nook, he was socious man, who had dedication in his eyes. He was focused on making TSC this true, honorable group. A new Power group that treated each other has family, not enemies. It was a golden age of TSC, where peace, and teamwork were high. Our numbers grow to 150. Everyday, events were held, battles were fought, but still we were in the shadows. Legend wanted more then just the shadow, he wanted his group to prosper in the light. So he reformed it, 150 members to 100, he kept only those who were healthy to this new image of TSC. He then found Leo-Cor, a Kentarian, one of last Pure Bloods, Related to Lion-Heart, he heard of his brothers demise. Searching for years to join the same ranks his brother once knew, he earned his ranking. He fought along side Alphawolvess, the most trusted and oldest member of TSC. Friend to Sirbat, Legend, and even Lion. These three, made the ultimate trio. They were unstopable in their prime reaching over and changing the ways of war groups. However has all prime era's end, this one did in tragic. A fight was casted our between Legend and Leo, they both wanted different things, and were not able to come to an agreement. This was the end of the Age of Armor, and the begining of the Age of Courage.
The Age of Courage
After the battle between Legend, and Leo. Leo left to rejoin the ranks of his Blood brother Korruis, who had return to the mantle of leadership and prepared to lead his people once again, to the land of promise. Legend grew past it, but his people lost hope in him. He tried to remain the way he was, he tried to prosper it. He gave everything he could to lead his people. They just did not see him as before, his numbers dropped from 123 to 78, despair struck. He fought for the survival of his people. He lead them through another reform, the Age of Courage, The Age of Animus. This was different, he changed them their colors from the sea of blue, to the blood of crimson. His hand went from a greeting welcome, to a painful strike. Making allies with only those who were useful. He played his cards right, and remade TSC, they grew to 100 again, as before, he made friends, family. He finally was heading towards his dream. Over time, he was proven wrong. His group suffered loses, heavy loses and went below 50. He was lost himself. Leo-Cor returned, willing to put aside all his anger to help him. He felt pity, again the trio returned and kept the group active. The Age of Courage ended, and here began the Age of Cor.
The Age of Cor
Legend, grew old. He saw himself unfit for the StarValian Constellation. After so long at the mantle, he passed it along to Leo-Cor, Leo as his brother lead the people now. He was not ready for this, but he still did what he could. He changed what he could trying so hard to please them, his mistake...He lead them, he tried so hard he gave up his life for this, but still could not live to the same expectations that Legend had set as a leader of the Union. So he lead them through their last reform. To the Age of Cor, the Age of Heart. Here, he changed his ways. From a peaceful leader and Lord, to now crowning himself Prince. He went sadistic, and was dedicated to now cause nothing but pain and agony to those who turn their heads to his new image. He now leads them growing, preparing. Waiting to strike and conquer those who are inferior to him. He will not give up his group, his cause, nor his vision for those who do not agree. He will grip his blade, and as he did for his brother, gain vengeance for those who gave up. He will not allow failure, and will lead this group till he meets his demise, he is focused on one day. Conquering every banner that he passes, their land stolen from them, strip them of their titles, and to burn their flags in the ashes as he hangs his. He is the true leader of TSC, and will be their greatest.


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